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Is It Possible to Become Successful with an Unplanned Pregnancy

Unplanned pregnancy near Detroit? Wondering if it's possible to become successful during or after an unplanned pregnancy? Get answers. Read…

CategoriesPregnancy Test Relationships

I’m Not Ready to Have a Baby

Not ready to have a baby? Discovering an unexpected pregnancy can be filled with a range of emotions and uncertainties.…

Image of a young beautiful African American woman leaning against a brick wall contemplating how to tell her parents she's pregnant. This image is the header image for the Problem Pregnancy Center. CategoriesRelationships

How to Tell Your Parents You’re Pregnant

Have a successful conversation with confidence. Learn the best timing, how to prepare yourself, stay clam, and more. Read, How…

This is an image of a young woman sitting down and feeling concerned as she feels unsupportive by her boyfriend during her pregnancy. CategoriesRelationships

What to do when my partner isn’t supportive during pregnancy?

Are you feeling like your boyfriend, spouse, or partner isn't being supportive during your pregnancy? Read our blog post to…

Image of an options counselor speaking with a client about her options for the Problem Pregnancy Center in Southfield, Michigan. CategoriesAbortion

How Early Can You Get an Abortion in Michigan?

Considering abortion in Michigan and uncertain about timing or choices? Gain clarity. We provide a range of free services near…

Vibrant purple background featuring abortion pills with prominent text: 'At-Home Abortion, Is It Safe?' – A thought-provoking image representing the focus of the blog for Problem Pregnancy Center. CategoriesAbortion Plan B

Is an At-Home Abortion Safe?

Seeking an at-home abortion near Detroit, MI? Know your options first. Get free support, ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, and more with…

CategoriesPregnancy Test Ultrasound

Need a Free Ultrasound and Pregnancy Test Near You?

Seeking a free ultrasound and pregnancy test? Problem Pregnancy Center in Southfield, MI, offers free ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, and compassionate…

pink background with white complected hand holding two Plan B emergency contraception pills CategoriesAbortion Plan B

Uncertain After Plan B? When to Take a Pregnancy Test for Answers.

Used Plan B and worried about pregnancy? You're not alone. The timing of your pregnancy test is crucial for accurate…

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