Can I End an Early Pregnancy Naturally?

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Finding out you’re pregnant when you weren’t planning on it can create a roller coaster of emotions ranging from fear to worry and anxiety. While it’s often natural to turn to the internet for information and answers before seeking assistance, it’s critical to know that online information can provide misleading information that can harm your health. 

In today’s information age, anyone can post information online on any specific topic regardless of age or expertise. Numerous websites and online platforms promote natural remedies for terminating pregnancies and inducing a “spontaneous miscarriage” through herbs, consuming high amounts of vitamin C and fruits, and even engaging in frequent intensive exercise. These methods, while coming across as promising when experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, lack scientific validation and can be extremely harmful.

Here are some Important things to consider when attempting to end an early pregnancy naturally:

  1. The people behind the online information lack insight into your current and past medical history. This information is crucial because health conditions can worsen if not addressed with personalized care from a medical professional.
  1. The term “natural methods” may sound appealing, suggesting safety, affordability, and convenience. However, it’s essential to understand that attempting to terminate an early pregnancy with so-called “natural” methods can pose health risks. According to Medical News Today, “The risks of home abortions range from toxicity to life-threatening infection, disability or death.” 
  1. If you try to end a pregnancy on your own and encounter complications, a professional won’t be available to assist you if something were to go wrong and immediate help becomes necessary.

Why an Unplanned Pregnancy Specialist is Important 

Although home pregnancy tests can be accurate, there is still a chance of a false positive or negative. A specialist in unplanned pregnancies can offer a safe and confidential space to discuss your concerns and provide the following:

  1. Limited Ultrasounds: Ultrasounds are vital for confirming pregnancy, assessing viability and gestational age. A specialist can often help you receive one at no cost, enabling informed decision-making.
  1. Personalized Options: They can help you learn about your available options and resources that are best suitable for your unique situation. 
  1. Emotional Support: A specialist can provide you with emotional support as you consider your options and provide available resources if additional support is needed.

Get the Support You Deserve

At the Problem Pregnancy Center, we offer free and confidential support for women facing unplanned pregnancies. We’re here to help you receive unpressured help at no cost to help you make informed decisions. With us, you can receive: 

  • Free Pregnancy Tests: This is often the first step. We’ll provide you with a test in a supportive environment and discuss your options if the test comes back positive.
  • Free Limited Ultrasounds: Receiving an ultrasound is extremely important to confirm the viability of a pregnancy and help rule out potential complications such as an ectopic pregnancy. Our professional sonographers will explain the process and show you your ultrasound images.

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