Need a Free Ultrasound and Pregnancy Test Near You?

Navigating an unexpected pregnancy can be overwhelming, leaving you with a mix of emotions and tough decisions to make. It’s okay to feel uncertain or scared about what the future holds. At Problem Pregnancy Center in Southfield, Michigan, we are here to provide you with support and assistance at no cost and without judgment. 

We offer free pregnancy tests and free ultrasounds upon qualification, followed by compassionate options counseling, where our dedicated team members are committed to actively listening, providing support, and guiding you through this uncertain time, ensuring you receive the necessary guidance to make an informed decision.

Why Choose Problem Pregnancy Center for Your Pregnancy Test and Ultrasound?

Taking an at-home pregnancy test can be the first step for many women to confirm their pregnancy. While these tests are convenient and readily available, they may not provide the comprehensive information and support that you can receive at Problem Pregnancy Center. 

Here’s a simple breakdown comparing what you get from an at-home pregnancy test versus what you receive from Problem Pregnancy Center:

At-Home Test
Problem Pregnancy Center
✔️ Can confirm pregnancy
✔️ Can confirm pregnancy
❌ No immediate support available
✔️ Immediate support available
Next Steps
❌ Limited guidance on options
✔️ Options counseling available
❌ May leave uncertainty
✔️ Offers clarity in a supporting setting
Free Ultrasound
❌ Not provided
✔️ Free ultrasound upon qualification

Choosing Problem Pregnancy Center means you’ll get helpful information, supportive guidance, and a caring atmosphere to help you through this important time in your life. Your well-being matters to us.

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At Problem Pregnancy Center, we prioritize creating a safe, nonjudgmental space for women facing unexpected pregnancies. We’re here to offer support, information, and resources.

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